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Zollamt Amtsblatt, Bild: No.0, 15. August 2017.
Zollamt Amtsblatt, Bild: No.0, 15. August 2017.

Offizielles Journal des ZOLLAMT, Aufl.: 3.000, Seiten: 16; Sprachen: Deutsch, Englisch, Ungarisch, Kroatisch, Slowenisch

ZOLLAMT TEAM: Helene Baur, Joachim Baur, Barbara B.Edlinger, Karmen Jančar, Kristian Paternusch, Franz Spielbichler, Barbara Thaler, Walter Verhovnik. Supported by: Land Steiermark (Kultur, Europa, Außenbeziehungen), Bundeskanzleramt Österreich, Stadt Bad Radkersburg, diethARdT collection, Galerie Gerhard Sommer, Sicheldorfer Heilwasser, Galerie Meyer Kainer, WERKSTADT GRAZ

ZOLLAMT, EVIS – Ein Verein im Sinne des Vereinsgesetzes, Stadtgrabenstraße 33, A-8490 Bad Radkersburg


Bad Radkersburg, Österreich

Nr. 0

16 S.

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Denkerei: holy wisdom

 On November 24th, 1934, President Atatürk declared with a brilliant decree that the Grand Mosque of Istanbul, the former Hagia Sophia of the Byzantine capital, should neither be returned to the Christians as a cult building, nor should it be left to the Muslims as a cult place; as the Muslims after the conquest of Constantinople had used the Hagia Sophia since 1453 for their cult. According to Atatürk, this edifice should be transformed into a museum as an admirable testimony of human creativity in which all parties could learn to appreciate what the other cultures have produced. Because museology with the knowledge and experience of archaeologists and cultural scientists paved the path to learn and love the achievements of all cultures and religions, of all sciences and arts, precisely in the museum better than in any other context. As museums are like the universities, archives and the international organizations schools of civilization. They represent universal, all-human aspects of regional cultures and religions which, like Umma and Katholikos, mean only the unity of the faithful, but not the unity of mankind.